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  • YoungPil Lee
    Aerospace Engineering from Seoul National University in 1971
    Worked for Samsung Aviation(currently Samsung Tech Win)(1976-1981)
    Pass patent attorney exam (1982)
    Working at Mock Patent Office (1983 to 1985)
    Lee Young-pil patent office opening (1985)
    Overseas patent brokerage and acquisition accomplishment to diverse specialized client customers
    Involved in many Korean patent litigation cases
    Instructor of the International Patent Training Institute and Korea Law Times Legal Counselor
    Committee member for goods dispute arising from patent office.
    Founder and Former CEO of Zalman Tech Co., Ltd.(1999-2011)
    Vice president of Korean Patent Attorney Association(KPAA)
    Korea International Industrial Property Protection Association (AIPPI)
    Asian Patent Attorneys Association (APAA)
    Licensing Association (LES) member
    International Trademark Association (INTA) Committee member