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Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners employs around 340 professionals including over 180 intellectual property (IP) attorneys and attorneys-at-law and offers a full range of services in the intellectual property field. Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners has often been mentioned as the largest IP law firm in Korea, but this is only one way of describing our firm. Because of our large size, we are able to provide the most detailed service tailored to the specific requirements of each of our clients. Our IP attorneys with the experience in the relevant technology offer expertise to do everything it takes to the full satisfaction of our domestic and overseas clients. Since the inception of our firm in 1985, our firm has continued to evolve and grow in size, but our motto, “Best Service to the Full Satisfaction of the Clients,” has remained the same. Our foreign clients often comment that “applications prepared by your firm have been better than any others from Korea” and “we highly recommend your service to our clients.”


Y.P. Lee, Mock & Partners is dedicated to fully understand the needs and concerns of our foreign clients which include a number of Fortune 500 companies. Providing a high quality prosecution service in order to obtain a strong and effective protection for our foreign clients requires far more than overcoming the language barriers. Our IP attorneys possess a wide range of legal expertise in various IP legal systems as well as in depth knowledge of various technical fields and offer a dedicated service to meet the demanding requirements of each of our foreign clients.”


The motto “Be Proactive!” has been one of our guiding principles that we strongly adhere to in serving our clients. In addition to following the specific instructions from our clients, we proactively note issues which may require more attention as we are always prepared to strategically provide our service according to the changing requirements of our clients in order to maximize the protection for our clients. Because we strive to be proactive, we can offset some of the difficulties which may arise from communication and cultural differences caused by geographical remoteness.


The spectrum of our service covers all aspects of intellectual property and technology. Our professionals are experts equipped with knowledge and experience in a wide variety of technology fields including electronic engineering, information technology, nanotechnology, computer hardware and software, semiconductors, mechanical engineering, biotechnology, health care related technology and so on. Highly experienced trademark attorneys also provide quality services for trademark cases. In addition to prosecuting patent and trademark cases, for which we have been consistently ranked in the top tier of law firms in Korea by MIP (Management of Intellectual Property) magazine for a number of years, we are also servicing patent search, IP consulting, licensing, IP portfolio management, etc. as well as trials and litigations.